Mens costumes

Guys are easy, and they want Halloween to be easy – guys know Spirit makes it easy to have fun and be cool. No hassles, no headaches, just partying, laughs and fun. Spirit’s huge selection of men’s Halloween costumes are designed to fit any fellow and are easy on the wallet. Think big this year and go for maximum shock factor with awesome men’s Halloween costume ideas – the adult men’s deluxe Joker outfit is a winner along with the Batman suit, Spiderman, Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk. You and your buds can even go as the Avengers!  Feel like a kid in a candy store? No kidding! Spirit Halloween has some funny adult men’s Halloween costumes that will crack up the crowd. Don’t forget the classics – the banana and hot dog tunics are top picks! Funny ensembles, sports garments, hot-bod pirates, scary outfits and more are all at Spirit, home of the best men’s Halloween costumes.

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